I'll Be Working on the Techie stuff so you can smile more!

Hi, I’m Natalie Norris – Realtor and creator of Fetch A Geek, and online marketing strategist, specializing in IDX Websites, CRM, Facebook Ads & Funnels for Realtors.

Being a Realtor myself, I know what it takes to create your online space, build your brand, and leverage lead systems and funnels to grow your database!

If you work in Real Estate and find yourself overwhelmed with the 'techie' things you need to do to build your business online, I'm here to help! Isn't it time to create your ideal Real Estate business with the support you need to make it happen?

I'm known for keeping it real. I value your time as well as mine and I don't want to waste it. If you are reading this, you have probably realized, doing it on your own doesn't work. Period. You cannot wait to grow your Real Estate business, and without hiring support you need, you won't reach your goals and the level of income you desire.

If you're looking to grow your Real Estate business and make an impact without losing your mind, you need systems and processes to make it happen, and thankfully, we got you covered!

If you’re overwhelmed with trying to make it on your own by doing it all yourself, it’s time to step into your success with a dream team that works hard for you!

Can you imagine having a support team by your side, handling all the online techie stuff so you can grow your business to reach your goals and still have a life?

At Fetch A Geek, we provide you with everything you need to skyrocket your Real Estate business online!

As a Realtor, you cannot build your business using online marketing techniques and strategies, when you are so stressed and overwhelmed with the "how", you just throw things together and hope it sticks! You need a proven strategy and back-end support you can count on.

At Fetch A Geek, we cover it all! From creating and designing IDX websites, Lead Capture pages and funnels and Targeted Facebook Ad Campaigns to get more leads so you can close more deals! To support you all the way, we offer highly qualified virtual assistance to tackle the endless list of to-do's, liberating you from being involved in every detail.

And here’s where you get to spend your time – focusing on what you do the best, meeting people, showing and listing property, and spending more time with your family and friends! Imagine feeling the freedom and space you’ve wanted for so long... Feels pretty good, doesn’t it? With Fetch A Geek, you’ll learn how to say ‘good-bye’ to the constant grind and ‘hello’ to more time for you and your life.

The best to way to determine how we can support your Real Estate business growth is to start with a First Class Strategy Consult with me. I’ll analyze your vision and together we’ll begin to map out a strategic plan for you to take over the Internet, get more leads and free up your time to do more of what you love!

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Online Marketing For Realtors
You do you!

You are a Realtor. You signed up to meet people, and list and show properties. 🏡

You know you need to market online, but you're not 'technical', and frankly, you get overwhelmed doing anything online!💻

You don't even have a website you like or
use, because it is just too much to deal
with, much less think about.

You came to the right place and I am here
to help you!😎

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